September 2009

To My Little Angel Fennster Little brown sable boy, Fennster the Cat!  So innocent and sweet, my Burmese sat. Contemplating his next mischief fun - to play with pink piggy or lounge in the sun? One day in the cold of Winter, barely one year old, he'd caught a shiver. Retreating, seeking warmth and calm, his interest in pink piggy all but gone. What was wrong with my little one? He slept all day and hid in oft places, not interested in playing with my shoelaces. None of the Doctors could help my boy, FIP stole my precious bundle of  joy.

As a member of SOCK FIP, I have learned quite a lot about a disease and the words used when talking about Fip.  Virus, environmental element, genetic element, one-hundred per cent fatal come to mind.  However, I tend to use personification and imagery to describe...

Buster Brown was sweet sable Burmese boy who was a little shy with strangers, but all he really wanted was to be loved.  When comfortable with people he knew, he was affectionate and playful and a constant companion.  At times I was a little annoyed with him because he was so needy, which I would come to regret -- because this was a trait I later would hear described of other kitties affected by FIP.  When he was only ten months old, Buster was the first kitten I lost to FIP. When he was younger I had found a wonderful home for him with a family.  He was affectionate with them and was settling in but he remained a little shy and skittish and the family was not happy.  Having had Burmese before, they wanted the confidence most Burmese exhibit.  So I swapped Buster for another kitten who was more confident, and Buster came back home with me.

"I Love Lucy", aka 'Lucy" from Sue Weitendorf's Timberpawsfolds cattery, was born May 11, 2007, and came to live with artist Claudia Sanchez and her family in Santa Rosa, California on September 1, 2007. Though she was only with them for 2 months, that was plenty...


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