There are many ways that you can help SOCK FIP and FIP research.  Here are just a few suggestions.

  • Send a donation to SOCK FIP to support FIP research
  • Add a link to on your website
  • Tell all your cat-loving friends about so they can learn more about FIP
  • Tell your veterinarian about SOCK FIP and, and ask them to refer clients who have lost or are losing a cat to FIP
  • If you are a cat fancier or exhibitor, place an ad in your next show catalog to spread the word about SOCK FIP
  • Host  a SOCK FIP booth at your next cat show or other event
  • Ask your club to support FIP research by sending a donation to SOCK FIP
  • If you are a breeder, send a donation to SOCK FIP after placing your next kitten
  • If you are a Burmese or Birman breeder, or other breeder, participate in the genetic study to determine susceptibility factors among breeds and bloodlines
  • Buy and wear a “SOCK IT TO FIP” shirt
  • Buy and wear a “SOCK IT TO FIP” button
  • Make purchases through to help support SOCK FIP
  • Become a fan of our SOCK FIP page on Facebook
  • Join the SOCK FIP team to spread the word and help us find solutions to FIP