An Open Letter to FIP

An Open Letter to FIP

As a member of SOCK FIP, I have learned quite a lot about a disease and the words used when talking about Fip.  Virus, environmental element, genetic element, one-hundred per cent fatal come to mind.  However, I tend to use personification and imagery to describe this horror.  I have composed a letter to Feline Infectious Peritonitis.


We are SOCK FIP, and we are here to tell you that we will pursue you, catch you and annihilate you.

We are just beginning this task.  You are the evil citadel on the mountain top, but we have begun our climb towards you.  We are in the foothills now and we know it will not be an easy or short climb, but we have a dedicated team of breeders, rescuers, researchers and doctors who are tenacious and relentless in seeking your demise.  Your fortress is not impenetrable.

All those sweet souls whom you have taken, still live within us.  Their gentle hearts inspire and embolden us in our climb to your fortress, and when we get there we will demolish you.  The venom and arrogance that drips from you will be rendered harmless and you will exist no more.  Make no mistake, we will prevail.  WE WILL PREVAIL!

Claudia Dechow, a volunteer for SOCK FIP

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