Cat with wet FIP usually have very large amounts of a yellow-tinged, mucinous fluid in their abdomen and/or chest cavities. This fluid is high in protein and contains a variable number of white cells made up of macrophages, lymphocytes and neutrophils. It will often form a partial clot on setting. There is virtually no other disease than FIP with this type of fluid, especially in a younger cat (two thirds or more of cats with FIP are under one year of age) that comes from a shelter or cattery environment (70% of total cases). Combined with history, physical findings, and common laboratory abnormalities, these findings should be sufficient to make the diagnosis.

Fluid from cats with wet FIP is being submitted as part of a large study being conducted at UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine. Instructions on where to send samples, and associated forms, are found at under downloads. A detailed discussion of FIP can also be found on this website (about FIP/synopsis).  Recently obtained samples (fresh or refrigerated for no more than 96 hrs) can be sent intact on ice packs using overnight delivery. If samples cannot be sent in this time period, several mls of freshly collected fluid can be spread onto a small piece of filter paper (a coffee filter will do also) and allowed to air dry. The dried sample can be sent in an envelope by regular mail.

Alternatively, from 5-10 ml of fresh fluid can be centrifuged, the fluid phase removed, and the cell pellet suspended in an equal volume of rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol). The tube can be sent in a crush proof container by regular mail. Fluid samples should be sent with a filled out questionnaire for submitting DNA sample.

It is also helpful to include basic information as to breed, gender (intact or neutered), and age of the cat. Personal client information is not required for participation. This submission is not for diagnostic purposes, but rather for long term research on the disease. Results obtained from these samples will be  studied collectively and shared through future publications.

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