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Amity was a fancy little princess with striking brown Siamese markings. She was tiny and never managed to grow enough to look healthy like her brother, Loki. She was a kitten who was anything but smart and acted clueless about everyone and everything she came across. She was curious, loved everyone and everything with all her tiny little heart, though – well, her heart wasn't tiny like the rest of her body. Figuratively, it was HUGE. She had the biggest heart of just about any cat I'd ever met before. Her very best friend was our beloved older adult cat, Willow, and she followed her around all the time and wondered where she was if she ever lost sight of her. It became such a unique bond that we nicknamed her "Little Willow" ("Big Willow" was big and fat). I'll never forget how sudden it was the day she just became floppy, yellow, and deathly sick. She was miserable when she passed but I hope she was aware enough to know we were there to hold her and lovingly say goodbye. Rest in peace princess, 03/20/21 – 01/11/22. :'(

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