Biggie Smalls

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Biggie Smalls

Biggie was the bravest survivor we obtained from a hoarding situation, where she was frail, thin, sickly and sharing a space with 50 other cats. Despite not being domesticated, she always sat near people and wanted to watch the proceedings even though she was half the size of the rest of her litter. She was the first to purr, the first to snuggle, and claimed a red pillow as her favorite perch. She was our foster but ultimately I adopted her a week ago because she was just so special, and even though we suspected a heart condition, we were ready to try and provide for her. Unfortunately that pot belly she always had swelled into something nearly physically impossible in the span of a week, most notably the last two days. Though she still ate like a fiend, loved like nobody else, and enjoyed her brushies, we noticed her energy and mobility changing. We diagnosed her on saturday and put her to sleep on Sunday after hearing the words FIP for the first time. We have never felt so hopeless or so sorry for not being able to do more than make her life easier while she still had it. Here is to the notorious little G, the bravest sweetest little runt alive, feral or domesticated alike.

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