8-week old Bucky was rescued from the street after narrowly missing being hit by a car. He was feral and in shock – he started his life out with us a hissing and spitting little baby! After a vet visit (with a perfect bill of health) and just a few days of TLC, little Bucky became the sweetest, playful kitten, with an amazing purr. He loved all of our big cats and became a fixture in our house. He always wanted whatever you were eating! And he played fetch better than any dog I knew.

One day, Bucky wasn't his normal self and was not eating. At the emergency clinic, we found out he had a fever and possible obstruction. Unfortunately, his X-rays, ultrasound, and blood work showed he was suffering from FIP. At only 5 months old, we had to make the difficult choice and end his suffering. He purred and loved on us until the very end. Such a bright personality and beautiful cat, taken from this world far too soon.

Rest in peace, little dude. You've made a mark on all our broken hearts.

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