Cora Louise

It is with extreme sadness that I have to share that sweet, loving, and magnificently gorgeous, Cora, made the journey over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday after a struggle with suspected FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). FIP is a horrible virus for which there is not a good vaccine, a test to confirm diagnosis, and no cure. I had taken her to the vet on Friday and on Monday the vet let me know her suspicions of FIP. Cora rapidly declined Tuesday afternoon and it was obvious she was suffering. Knowing there wasn't any cure, I made the decision to let her go on Wednesday.

Cora was sugary sweet and loving, enjoyed being smooched and hugged excessively, and absolutely perfect. She was exactly what I needed after losing nearly 14 year old Nova the month earlier to cancer.
Cora loved to sit on my wrists and shoulder while I worked. If she wasn't in my face, she was in the chair beside mine all day while I worked.

Some of her favorite things were tiny stuffed mice that she would carry around with her, gather in a pile, and leave in her food and water dishes. She was an excellent quilting supervisor and excelled at keeping me company. One of her recent hobbies was talking to the Stellar jays that would come to eat the peanuts I left for them on the table on my balcony. Every night she liked to sleep by me, on me, on my neck or right by my face….and sometimes under the covers.

Cora, with two infected eyes, landed in the loving arms of Meow Village rescue where many people who I will likely never know, volunteered their time and hearts to get her well so she could be adopted into her forever home. I'm so grateful for all those who helped her along her way. It takes a (meow) village to help all of the thousands of sweet souls that they selflessly help every year.

I would especially like to thank Cora's last foster mom, Keri, who has opened her home up to so many needy fosters and obviously adored Cora. Extra gratitude also for Selina Dixon. After spending all day rescuing cats on Tuesday, Selina came home and responded to all my upset texts regarding Cora's sudden neurological decline. I've never seen FIP before and was grateful for her kindness, patience, and guidance.

Thanks also to veterinarians, Dr. Judy Reed and Dr. Emily Jaeger, and front desk gals, Rayli and Rashel, at Willamette Valley Vet in Tualatin for helping Cora as best as they could, and for being very patient with a very sad Melinda.

Though our time was short together, and to state it mildly, I'm heartbroken, I enjoyed, appreciated, and cherished every second of Cora's magnificentness and would do it all again. She was worth it and I will never forget her.

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