My little seal-point angel was with me since the day when 6 adorable siberian kittens were born in our cattery. They al looked the same but each of them has it's one life story. And Gerciana's life become strongly connected with mine. She was funny and clumsy yet the most delicate and devoted kitten. We spent all of our time together. She used to sleep with me and be the first thing for me to see in the morning. When I was going through a difficult time not knowing what to do with my future she was the only one creature who stayed by my side and saw all of my fears and tears, I even talked to her and she looked at me as she was understanding every word of mine.
But life is cruel. Gerci started to behave more dismissed, we were spending less time together. I was very worried. As time went by, she absolutely distanced herself even though I tried my best to entertain her. Then the most difficult time began. She started to loose weight and in a couple of weeks she even stopped drinking. Veterinarians were able to diagnose FIP too late. We put her through useless treatment which was stressful for her exhausted body. My little sunshine was fading away and I was unable to do anything.
The day before we decided to end her suffer, she came to me for the first time in a while. I helped her to climb to my sofa and start petting her while she was softly purring just like it was when she was healthy. I realised that she came to say goodbye and give me all of her love for the last time even though she could barely walk. The next morning she was guided to the Rainbow Bridge.
I cherish every moment spent with Gerci. Stars die but their light is still seen from Earth for a thousands years, It's impossible for a human being to live that long. Her lite will be enough to light up my lifetime.
Rest in peace, my little angel. You never belonged to our dark and cruel world.
Waiting to meet you on the Rainbow Bridge.

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