n July of 2013 I added two Savannah kittens, Grace and Dexter, to my clowder of rescue cats. Grace was a wonderful, funny kitten that had the sweetest soul of any being I have ever had the pleasure to know. I called her Amazing Grace because she was truly amazing in every way and I loved her so very much. Sadly, after a series of illnesses starting in March 2014, Grace was finally diagnosed with wet FIP in late April by my vet. I took Grace to the University of Missouri vet school and her diagnosis was confirmed. On May 19, 2014 Grace’s condition deteriorated to the point where the only humane thing to do was to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Grace was 15 months old when she passed. I wish I never heard of FIP and that I had many, many more years with Grace, but I will never regret knowing her and I feel that her amazing spirit is still with me. We had 10 mostly wonderful months together. The time she spent sick with FIP was the exception. I am hoping and praying that Dexter will not get FIP and will live a long healthy life. I applaud all of you who support Dr. Pedersen’s research to find a cure for this vile disease so that no one else has to lose a beloved member of their family to FIP.

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