Irie Love

Irie Love

My heart is broken and I just feel so lost.
The past 7 months as the fur mama to Irie was absolutely a blessing. He needed me, and I needed him. Unfortunately Irie started to get sick a few weeks ago and was diagnosed today with FIP, the wet form. His liver was failing and fluid was filling his abdomen. I couldn’t let him suffer with all the love he has given me….I owed him comfort and love, just like he’s given me.
Some words to my dear sweet Irie:
I will miss you for the rest of my life Irie Love. I will miss the way you played fetch for hours, the way you woke me up in the morning, the way you told me it was time for bed at night, I’ll miss your shadow in front of the fireplace, you trying to steal the food everyone is eating….I’m going to miss your tiny meows, and the way you seemed to answer me back, you sure loved to try to help me craft, but most of all im going to miss the way you fell asleep on my chest at night.
Lacey will probably look for you for a long time….you were her best friend.
My heart is just so unbelievably heavy, and the tears just don’t seem to stop. I know you are pain free, catching those birds and eating tons of fresh fish. Until we meet again my Irie Love…..Always In My Heart, I will never forget how amazing you were. Mama loves you good boy.

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