Loki was 20 pounds of sweet, biscuit-making awesome. Adopted from a shelter at a little over a year old, he was a great companion for our senior cat Wally, grooming him and cuddling him when Wally got old enough not do as much self-care himself. After Wally passed away Loki quickly became best friends with our new kitten Athena, chasing and playing with her and showing incredible patience. He loved humans as much as he did other kitties, and would lay across multiple laps (the "diplocat") or crawl up on your chest and make biscuits until you fell asleep. He was just five years old when the wet variety of FIP took him, and with the restrictions around human Coronavirus we weren't even able to say goodbye to him at the emergency vet. He was a special kitty who will always be missed, and I hope we can find a cure for this terrible disease so that future cats don't have to go through what Loki did. We miss you, Pal.

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