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It was only a week ago that we had the misfortune of learning what FIP was and how truly unfair it is. We had to make the difficult decision this weekend to put our sweet girl Mokey, at peace, who was diagnosed with FIP not even a week before. As our crazy bengal kitten she always made sure we couldn’t sleep in a single day, so when she started being lethargic a few weeks ago we thought she was transitioning to her adulthood and we were so proud and excited for her new journey. We grew very concerned when her appetite started to dwindle but her belly seemed to be growing. She would have been 7 months old in two days. We were blessed with her in January and lost her May 22nd. She was the sweetest girl who brought joy to everyone she met and asked for nothing but a blanket to knead, a window to look out, and q-tips to play with in return. She was our adventure kitty we were going to show the world and we are so devastated we couldn’t show her everything she deserves. She saved my life and I can only hope that I brought her as much happiness and love as she brought me in her short life. I hope for the day we find a cure or treatment so that cats and kittens everywhere will be liberated from this terrible disease.

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