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I remember walking into the pet store and seeing him just being adorable and rolling around in his cage. We locked eyes and I knew he was meant to be mine. I filled out the adoption application right away and was ecstatic when I got approved! He got along well with the other cats, forming a close bond with one of my older cats named Felix. He became best friends with my mom's dog, too. Really it felt like he lived with me for years. He was so adventurous, loved bird watching and his little round bed. He was a good cuddler, a big purrer and filled with so much love and happiness. He wasn't with me for a month, we got so close, but he left such a huge impact on all of us and he's very missed. I'll be sure to buy your favorite treats for your 1st birthday. You will always be my little man. I miss you so so much. RIP Nico 08/17/21-6/8/22

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