I’ve always considered myself a dog person, but an animal lover as well. Still, when my sister suggested and then insisted we get a kitten for our apartment, I wasn’t particularly keen on the idea. Even when we first brought Otto home I wasn’t thrilled with the arrangement. However, within a matter of days, he became my closest companion, my baby and I was genuinely in love with him.

Sadly, just after two months of growing attached to Otto, he was diagnosed with FIP. I was absolutely crushed and thought our relationship would come to an immediate end, but I was fortunate enough to get five more months with him. While that time was filled with medications and trips to the vet, I’m endlessly thankful for the extra time we had and he could live as long of a life as he did happily and comfortably.

When the end came it was heartbreaking and the last thing I wanted to do was to say goodbye, but wouldn’t dare let this terrible disease ruin his last few days. Otto may be gone, but I’ll most certainly never forget his love of cottage cheese, his insistence of pouncing on my face in the middle of the night, him sitting by the sink with me every morning and night while I brushed my teeth in addition to the many amazing memories I made with him. Thanks to Otto, I’m now a cat person and while I miss him dearly, cannot wait to give another cat a very happy and healthy long life.

I love you now and forever Otto.

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