About 11 years ago this guy showed up on our front porch. We had no idea where he came from or why he was there but he quite literally chose us. He was always extremely affectionate and he loved to be picked up and held like no cat I’ve ever seen. He was a big cat with a big heart who would stand on his back paws with his front paws outstretched asking to be pick up and held. He loved to meow his demands for meals and many times we would wake up in the morning to various household objects mysteriously strewn about he floor where Sam would pick them up in his mouth and carry them around the house.

We found out at the beginning of March that he had FIP, and he fought it for almost 2 months. We will miss him begging to be held, touching our cheeks with his paw to get our attention and his “i love you” head butts. We will miss seeing him and the other cats cuddled together on the couch. It just isn’t fair. He went peacefully to sleep one last time, in my arms, with his daddy rubbing his head. We have sent his body to the UGA Vet School for necropsy so that samples can be sent to researchers across the country fighting to find a cure for FIP. No more sickness, sweet pea. You have become star dust once more.

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