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Stewie… my crazy wild head butting baby boy…. your life was far too short taken my an evil disease FIP. You were so brave and strong until the end. I regret not getting you the GS treatment and going with my gut when the vet kept making other suggestions. I’ll always regret and will be angry with myself for letting you suffer so much longer than needed. You could be on my lap right now if I would have went to the web site right away and saw that it only takes a day to get the treatment and a couple days to feel better I will never let this happen to another one of my fur babies. I’m so sorry this happened to you. It isn’t fair… I did everything right and you still got sick. You deserve to be running up and down the store with you sisters. I’m so sorry Stewie. I loved you so much and hoped getting up at 3:30 in the morning to feed you would make you better. I will learn from this and not have your sister have the same fate if they get it. I wish I could go back 3 weeks and go to the site and learn how to get black market treatments… you would be here with me. Know that I did what my vet asked and that if I would have known FIP was what my vet was thinking you had.. why she didn’t mention it. I would have been all over getting you the cure of at least making the effort to get you better again. I’m so sorry Stewie… until we meet again… your death will not be in vain… this will not happen again to my beloved fur babies.

Please forgive me Stewie… you could have been saved… why didn’t I act earlier.., why the denial

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