We lost our sweet Theta to FIP the day after Thanksgiving: our own personal Black Friday. Theta came bounding into our lives just over a year earlier at the age of 5 months. She was a beautiful, spunky, brown tabby Devon Rex with a glint of mischief in her eye and more personality in one little nose than in any other cat we’ve known. (She would actually give kisses to anyone she’d meet, pressing her tiny pink nose against puckered lips.) The day we brought her home, she came waltzing out of her box like she owned the place. After only a few minutes our older cat Nessa couldn’t resist her charm. The two cats cuddled up together and became inseparable friends.

Theta loved playing toss with her sushi toy, but her favorite games were tag and hide & seek: She would gallop into the room, stop dead in her tracks, dramatically arch her back while hopping on her toes (she could barely contain her excitement!), then sprint away hoping to be chased. Sometimes I would hide crouched around a corner; as soon as I was spotted, she would run to me and bop me on the nose, only to dash off again to be chased. In the mornings and evenings, she was a peaceful lap cat, often kneeding and suckling on Nessa for comfort.

We will miss our sweet Theta, and will always be thankful for the lifetime’s-worth of joy she gave us.

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