We could have never imagined the impact that Tumi would have on our lives when my now fiancé brought him home on Valentine’s Day just last year. He was instantly nothing less than our fur baby and a true member of the family, even with his people grandma, grandpa and uncle. He filled our days with more snuggles, playfulness and love than we knew possible. Tumi was taken from us all too soon on May 17, 2014, not quite 2 years old. Just a couple short weeks after noticing he just wasn’t his playful self, we had to make the tough decision to stop his losing battle with a rapidly destructive dry form of FIP. Our hearts are broken but we will forever be thankful for the time and the love that we shared and cherish the memories we have of this awesome, adoring kitty. For everyone here that shares in our loss, please continue to support FIP research.

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