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I had to make the terrible decision to let go of my precious Zelda because of FIP. She was 10 months old and I had her as my faithful companion for 6. She was tiny and only around for a short time but she made a huge impression on me. She loved wet food, cuddling, begging for cheese, jumping on furniture, sitting in my lap while I meditated, interrupting zoom calls, playing with her feather wand, scratching, pillow forts, and most of all trying desperately to make friends with my senior cat Zoe. She had the softest fur and a face that always looked like she was smiling. She was a gentle creature who never hissed at anything, and only hated three things: the vacuum, car rides, and being in a room that I wasn't in. I loved her so much and I miss her.

I appreciate so very much the work you do here. FIP is a cruel disease that robbed Zelda of all of the many pleasures she found in her short life. I hated watching it and hope that others won't have to feel this pain. Unfortunately, by the time we realized what was happening, it was far too late for intervention.

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