summer daisy bday


Daisy was a sweet, sweet Ragdoll Cat.  She was more like a cat/dog.  I trained her to sit for a treat.  I would ask her  “would you like some kitty cat food” and she would meoww.  That was the only time she would talk…it was like a game we would do it again and again and again.  My husband and I separated this year….and I would tell Daisy it is time for bed and she would jump up on my bed and go to sleep on the pillow next to me.  She was so sweet.  We foster care for a cat, who would hiss and growl at her and she never, ever hissed or growled.  She was just a sweet purring machine.  Although I only had her for 18 months, she gave me a lot.  I did my best to save her with holistic medicines, but she had prednisone, which I believe sealed her fate.  If there is a heaven for Cats, I am sure she is there.

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