To My Little Angel Fennster

Little brown sable boy, Fennster the Cat!  So innocent and sweet, my Burmese sat.
Contemplating his next mischief fun – to play with pink piggy or lounge in the sun?
One day in the cold of Winter, barely one year old, he’d caught a shiver.
Retreating, seeking warmth and calm, his interest in pink piggy all but gone.
What was wrong with my little one?
He slept all day and hid in oft places, not interested in playing with my shoelaces.
None of the Doctors could help my boy, FIP stole my precious bundle of  joy.

He will always live in my heart with love, I miss you Fennster, my sweetest dove.
I’m thankful for our time so brief, but Heaven called, and I still grieve.
You flew away to distant lands when you got your wings –  I understand.
You’re our angel now, back Home in peace, I pray the Lord your soul He keeps.

From your earth guardian who misses you every day,

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