Lucy’s Story


Lucy’s Story

“I Love Lucy”, aka ‘Lucy” from Sue Weitendorf’s Timberpawsfolds cattery, was born May 11, 2007, and came to live with artist Claudia Sanchez and her family in Santa Rosa, California on September 1, 2007.

Though she was only with them for 2 months, that was plenty of time for the entire family to fall madly in love with her. The Sanchez family was devastated to lose her so quickly to feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). She had been the purrfect cat in every way – very sociable and well-behaved.

Claudia thinks that she might have known that she would be going to kitty heaven shortly, and wanted to make the very best use of her time with her new human family. Claudia’s first painting in her honor turned out to be the perfect piece of artwork for the SOCKFIP logo. Other items have been made from this artwork to help support our cause including buttons, postcards, car magnets, and t-shirts.

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