Nyssa was a blue point Siamese that we gave a loving home to in 2005. She was bullied by other cats at her previous home, and while it broke her breeders’ hearts to see her leave, they knew it was the best thing that they could do for her. With her, we also gave a loving home to a 4 month old oriental black kitten, called Grace. Grace was the daughter of one of Nyssa’s tormentors, however after a few days of mutual distrust in their new home, the two became best of friends. Nyssa was a lady of leisure, a Queen to be waited on hand and foot. She loved nothing more than sunbathing, taking time out only to rest in the shade between sunning sessions. Do not be fooled however, she was also the master hunter caught flying toys with barely a flicker of movement! Nyssa left us in 2011, our first victim of FIP, aged just 9 years old. Not a day goes by that she is not thought of, talked about, or remembered. RIP our gorgeous Chick. x

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