RIP Ollie Belle

ollie belle

RIP Ollie Belle

We got our precious Ollie Belle as a tiny kitten, she looked like a gray ball of dust …. for a little while we nicknamed her “Dust Bunny”, until she grew into a beautiful “diluted” calico, (my vet says she was a blue tortie?). The vet also told us that her breed is frequently known for being a little bit “nutty” …. and BOY was she! She made us laugh almost daily with her antics. She was also my “baby”, my lap-kitty, the one who pushed her way into my lap, cuddled-up, & took a nap …. often with me. She had a BAD sweet tooth & liked to lick things like jelly, cream cheese, cool whip, etc. off my fingers. She was 5 yrs. old & we just let her go today. She WILL be missed very much! Rest In Peace Ollie Belle, my baby kit-cat, remember that Momma loves you & ALL CATS GO TO HEAVEN, so I’ll see you when I get there!! I wish SOMEBODY would find a cure for this HORRIBLE disease!!

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