UC Davis Cats for Adoption 2018

UC Davis Cats for Adoption 2018

Clinical Trials Team 1

These four cats were pioneers in the FIP Studies at UC Davis and are being offered for adoption. They deserve to find good homes in gratitude for their contributions to the UC Davis anti-FIP virus drug studies. The cats are large with great dispositions, and Dr. Pedersen himself has adopted three of the cats from this group. If you are interested in adopting, please contact Maria at UC Davis at mimontano@ucdavis.edu for more information.





UC Davis FIP Research field trials have completed, and they are no longer accepting cats for treatment. The two drugs that have been researched both show great promise. They are now in various stages of being commercialized. It could take one or two years before any of these drugs are approved by the FDA and made available for use by licensed veterinarians, therefore these drugs will not be available to the public until the FDA process is complete. For more information about the outcome of the drug, studies follow the links. There will be further publication regarding the latest study forthcoming as well.



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